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“I’ve been in search of a high quality massage gun that is strong enough to work into my fascia and muscles in a deep and safe way. Thanks to both the product AND Michael’s excellent customer care, the Vibraforce Percussion Massager has exceeded my expectations. Teaching 12+ exercise classes per week takes a toll and the Vibraforce has been a perfect solution to maintain physical recovery and stamina. Happier body = Happier mind = Improved emotional health and well being... Thank you Vibraforce!” 

- Maile L. 

Clinical Psychologist / Yoga Instructor


The VIBRAFORCE Percussion Massage Fascia Device stimulates the soft tissue through deep and powerful vibration, relaxes the fascia and stiff muscle groups, accelerates the rapid spread of blood circulation, eliminates the lactic acid produced after exercise, and greatly shortens muscle recovery time.

• Ease soft tissue pain  • Reduce Inflammation  • Improve blood circulation • Enhanced range of motion  • Fascia release  • Accelerate muscle recovery

You don't have to be a professional athlete to access state of the art health and wellness tools. Matter of fact everyone from the professional athlete for peak performance goals to the recreational gym-goer warming up before and quickly recovering afterwards. To those with chronic pain tout the benefits of our portable, powerful and long lasting charge massage guns. Everyone enjoying speedier recovery, reduced muscle soreness, lymphatic system support, healthier well-being, less pain, improved range of motion, better blood circulation and much more.

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Easy to Travel

Enjoy our beautiful zipper carry case with padded and custom fit accessory cubby holes, you'll never be far from relief. TSA Approved for carry on!

Sound? What Sound

That 's right, I'm whisper quiet at the highest frequency due to my brushless motor. Yes! use me at the office.


With the removable cord charger expect 3 - 5 hours without a charge. When LED light goes red, time to charge.


Includes four accessory detachable heads to cover any muscle or joint need you can think of. 

Soft non-slip Grip

Even at top vibration you won't lose grip or feel tired holding on.

Finest Materials

From our Limited Edition Carbon Fiber CF30 or B20, our casings are solid, durable and repairable for life.

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Medical Partners and Business Customers:


Prime PT Wellness - Dr. Kai Morigawara:

Ohana Chiropractic Center - Dr. Robert Anderson:

Dr. Shelley Kasprick  •  Dr. Kenneth Siu  •  Dr. Rich Dinsdale  •  Dr. Bruce Wong  •  Dr. Hong Zeng

Hapa Girls  •  Pacific Expos  •  Aloha Edibles  •  JjzTtreatz  •  Dip Into Paradise

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