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Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Media advertising will spend all its time and money on describing, supporting and boasting recovery systems that exist or the new greatest one to hit the shelves.

Sadly in general, nothing is new nothing has changed.

When we are in a recovery phase, damage has already been done. Maybe one is already dealing with the aches and pain in a chronic arena. Yet, it's normally due to a missed step or failure to Prepare. The first phase absolutely necessary to manage our bodies in a way most of us do not understand, or take for granted. This phase must occur before we go to work. Work entails sitting at a desk all day (The Desk Jockey). Work for others physically using multiple joints; pushing, pulling and reaching (The Operator) . Think of a dentist, surgeon, or as intense as a mechanic or construction worker. Then there is the weekend warrior (The Athlete).

What do all these professions and endeavors entail?

Without proper preperation (Prepare phase), Recovery phase is always going to be the highlight, the focus and the hook for the marketers tying to sell you on emotion/ feelings.

It doesn't have to be that way anymore.

When we take what can be easy and quick as 5 minutes sessions in the morning sitting at the side of one's bed, to use a percussion massager to warm-up from feet to neck after 8 hours of stagnated muscles (just from sleeping) and all those hours, days, and years of mis-treated muscles bones and joints in our history. One quickly discovers Recovery is quicker, shorter and our endeavors are more successful and less painful to Execute. Simply stated life is more enjoyable and we find ourselves healthier even excelling at what we do. We end up having an overall healthier more functional muscular structural system, nervous and lymphatic systems operating in ways we once remembered in our younger youthful years. Many even find energy levels enhanced.

No drugs, no tricks, no latest and greatest anything. We use what we have and help it along to help itself. It's our insides on a natural high.

Use it or loose it.

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