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Relief and Pain?

Does relief start only after pain exists? Can you one experience “relief” without pain present?

Pain is our body telling us something is off. Something needs attention beyong our bodies current capability of healing.

That said, pain is crucial to healing. Discomfort is the beginning of pain.

Without physical discomfort pain may never exist In its raw form.

Pain is essential road to healing and a necessary road to take to give one an opportunity to make changes and adjustments to our current habits and routines.

Circling back to our title: Pain and Relief. They are, for most part, truly inseparable.

Now, back to our question;

“Can you experience relief without pain?“

  • At Fitness Evolution 808, we believe you can. When you are not feeling pain your body goes into a neutral zone. No pain, no pleasure.

  • Preventative Care: Let’s say you are in the “neutral zone”. When you choose to use your VIBRAFORCE percussion device on a daily basis; morning (warm up muscle awakening speeds) and evening (higher decompose lactic acid speeds and higher). Your body WILL begin to show you Relief periods.

  • Here at FE808 we know “neutral” is not always a good sign, it is simply your bodies way of not showing you anything else, as it’s trying to deal with it on its own. Sadly, it may be on the cusps of something more serious on its way out.

  • Preventative Care approach is your seamless way to find relief, avoid catastrophes and helps your body, help itself.

- michael cary

Fitness Evolution 808

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