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Three heads are better than one.

Once you have the right tool for the job, getting that job done is so much more efficient and many times effortless. Even better, having more accessories that work hand and hand with that tool. At Fitness Evolution 808 we are constantly on the look out to help expand your VIBRAFORCE Percussion Device family. First, it was the Airplug Head, then enters the Wedge Accessory head. And our biggest edition, the Patent Pending REACH 360 Extension Arm. In September 2020 it’s the Three Amigos. First, our extra wide full coverage head with built in mini nodules for use on legs and arms. Second, meet our three pronged head that feels like a therapist fingers applying deep acupressure while working out a knot. Finally, our large impact head with pressure point nodules that takes our base level flat head to the next level.

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