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Aerospace aluminum mini 4 speed massager at 18 oz. For those that want a more robust solid mini massager to handle heavy travel use extended battery life rated at 2900 mAh Lithium Ion Battery. Built in grip for non slip. Portable. Powerful . 1800 - 3200 RPM. 4 accessory heads (expandable to 11 with the Air Plug head and newest deep and shaping mini Three Amigo packages). USB fast 4-5 hr full charge. Our mini is perfect for the on the go person. Tuck in your pocket, pack or purse. VIBRAFORCE mini is height of your average size smartphone. *Now available two and three year extended warranties. To Learn More:

VIBRAFORCE mini Aerospace Aluminum Version

SKU: 0
$274.98 Regular Price
$249.98Sale Price
Mini colors: Green
Colors: Red
  • Pre-charge all devices for 6 hours or more before initial use.

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